The challenging holes start early here at Arcadian Shores golf club as the tough par 3 2nd hole ensures that players are awake early in their round. Known as one of the tougher par 3s on the Grand Strand, this testing tee shot can make or break a round very early.

The yardage is not the intimidating part of this hole. It is only 148 yards from the white tees. It is the fact that it is a 100% carry over water to reach the green and the green is very wide but not very deep. The back side of the green has a large bunker that sits there waiting to gobble tee shots from the golfers that wanted to “make sure they had enough club” and flew the green.

The water ends on the left of the green but the angle to chip is narrow and golfers are staring at water on the right and across the green. It is the same from the bunker behind the hole. It takes a perfectly placed bunker shot to land softly on the putting surface so that ball does not roll off into the water. There is no good place to miss on this hole.

Once across the pond and onto the putting surface, players are now faced with a slick , slopping green on which to try to make a putt. A putt that catches the ridge in the green on the wrong side will have the player staring a 3-putt right in the face.

Golfers that can walk away from this hole with a par will game 2 strokes on the field. It is a really good test of golf and nerves.