No.2 here at Arcadian Shores is a tough par 3 by anyone’s standards.  The green is large in square footage but not so easy to hit.  The yardage is not necessarily long (depending on the tee box) but yet balls seem to come up short.  It is a hole to take a picture of but yet it is a terrifying tee shot.  Oh, by the way, it is a great golf hole and we are going to talk about how to play it.

As far as par 3s go, the second hole is a fun and hard golf hole all at the same time.  The tees range from 114 yards from the front tees and stretch back to 201 from the tips.  Most golfers play the middle tees which generally play right around 150 yards.  So yardage for the average golfer is not the hard part of this hole.  The fact that the tee shot requires 100% carry over water to a shallow (but wide) green with a bunker in the back side of the surface.  Very intimidating from the tee.  But let us help.

From the tee the most important this is to select the club that will get over the water to the most receptive part of the green, which is the front left portion.  This is for 2 reasons.  One is because it is the shortest distance from the tee and two is there is “bailout” room left of the green.  Aiming for the pin is not the thing to do here.  Clearing the water safely is the priority here.  Going at the center of the green brings the bunker into play and that is almost a death sentence.  Hitting out of that sand trap with the green sloping away towards the water is a recipe for disaster and a very big number on the scorecard.

Once on across the water, players have to deal with a 2 tiered and sloped putting surface that runs towards the water.  This is the downside to not aiming for the flag off the tee.  If the flag is opposite side of the green from the tee shot, a 3 putt is very possible.  Any golfer that can walk off this green with a 3 on the scorecard will be ahead of the game and can feel very, very good about themselves.

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