Summertime is a busy time at Arcadian Shores Golf Course.  Located in the heart of the Grand Strand and near 2 campgrounds and a few large hotels gives Arcadian Shores built in customers all summer long.  But that is not the only reason Frank and the gang regularly have full tee sheets in the heat of the summer.  Summer fun and top shelf customer service play a large roll in the cash register ringing as well.

PGA General Manager, Frank Coughlin, and his staff take great pride in keeping golfers flowing through the doors at Arcadian Shores in what is traditionally not a terribly busy time of the year for golf in the Myrtle Beach area.  Summertime is family vacation time which means that most Dad (no offense to the Mom golfers out there) are spending time on the beach and by the pool and going to the attractions and out to dinners and shopping and….well you get the point.  They are not on the golf courses for the most part.

Arcadian Shores has done an excellent job over the years of keeping the golfing community engaged and coming to play golf all summer long.  Last summer the course was closed due to the building of the new clubhouse and installation of new greens and paving of new cart paths and many other updates and upgrades to the grounds.  So this summer people of very excited to get back out to Arcadian Shores and see all the new stuff!

Check the website or call the golf shop at 843.449.5217 to see what great summer rate special that may be available on the day you want to play.  Be sure to check daily as rates can change at anytime!

Frank and his staff are also very proud of the outstanding bar and grill area in the new clubhouse.  They run food and drink specials all summer long!  The bar and grill is a must stop during golfers visits to the course, whether it is before the round of after, players will be glad they stopped by.

All in all a summer visit to Arcadian Shores will provide the summer golfer a great part of their vacation in Myrtle Beach.

For more information or to make a tee time visit or call the golf shop at 843.449.5217.