The 11th hole at Arcadian Shores is a little intimidating off the tee.  The tee ball must carry over some water that is right of the tee and runs part way down the fairway.  The hole is 357 yards from the white tees so length is not a problem.  Trees and a road run along the left side of the hole and trees run along the right side after the water stops.  The fairway is wider than it looks from the tee box and golfers need to trust that as they stand over the tee shot.

Once in the fairway golfers should have a good look straight to the green.  It is slightly uphill so players can’t quite see all of the putting surface.  They also need to be mindful of the multiple sand traps that surround the green.  There is no bailout spot on the 11th hole.  There is a good chance that any shot that misses the green will end up in one of the bunkers.  The front bunkers are deep and can spell doom for the score on this hole.

As far as the shot is concerned, the best play is to make sure the have enough club to allow for the slight uphill and to make sure to carry the front bunkers.  Most players will have a mid to short iron in hand to getting to the green should not be a problem.  We recommend at least a half club more for this shot.

The putting surface has some back to front slope as well as a little left to right slope.  Being below the hole is best but hole high is not terrible.  The green is large so making sure to keep the approach at least on the same side as the pin will help the putting stats tremendously.

The 11th hole is a good test all the way around.  It provides players with a little bit of everything from tee to green, which has become a signature of Arcadian Shores Golf Club.

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